New Features for Android: Google Docs

Be it uploading some important files from the desktop, editing documents or indulging in real-time collaboration, Google Docs enable users to do just about everything. And interestingly, the experience now gets better and smarter. The gigantic search engine has recently introduced a new update to the Google Docs App for Android.


It may intrigue thoroughly as the newly tweaked version brings forth a collaborative experience from Docs on the desktop to an Android powered device. Integrated with the ability to share work online, the tool now allows users to seamlessly collaborate on documents. According to the Official Google Blog, the updated application endows people with the convenience to edit and view the changes made by other users on their Android devices.

Since Google endeavors to instill unprecedented productivity and efficiency for a rich experience, Google Docs promise to render almost everything. Hopefully, by taking advantage of the immersive yet purposive software, users can share their files or documents and glance through their mates’ work.

In fact, the updated app also enables users to observe typos in a particular document and ping through to correct the same. This certainly makes sense for users who own Android powered solutions such as Galaxy Note or LG Optimus Vu with huge touchscreen displays. However, for those who are not so aware of, Google Docs is an incredibly rich, web based office suite by Google.


The data storage service makes it simpler to create and edit documents online whilst pooling resources or working together with other users. Perfect for anyone who seeks online editing and file sharing experience, Docs even embeds the caliber to prepare spreadsheets and presentations for an enhanced interaction.

Thus, with the newly rolled out update for Google Docs for Android, users are sure to experience significantly improved attributes and productivity tools. At the same time, Google has also refurbished the software interface for simplifying the way users work with their documents on the go.

So whether it’s viewing the entire document at a glance or pinching to zoom, the office suite ensures to do all that. Besides which, users will be enabled to focus on a specific paragraph for harmonizing with their individual needs and preferences. Although there is a slew of new features added Google Docs furthermore catches attention for its fresh and rich text formatting.

Users will now be allowed to add tinges to their documents, create a quick bullet list and bold something important. Sounds way too amazing, doesn’t it? Well, Google Docs unremittingly revamps the journey of viewing and editing crucial documents and spreadsheets with utmost comfort very much intact.

Lastly, the company has divulged certain details on a new update to the Presentation Editor. By relying on which, users will be able to add and resolve comments about specific shapes and slides.

The new update for Google Docs for Android can now be downloaded from Google’s official website. Though it’s not required but still asking, do you really enjoy getting important work done when on the go? If so, then you surely know where to head!


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