New iPod Touch Ad Might as Well be For a Modeling Agency

New iPod Touch Maybe it is just me, but I am loving these new ads that companies like Samsungand Apple are releasing weekly. They are simple, geeky, and straight to the point.  Then Apple goes and makes an ad like the new iPod Touch ad and ruins the fun. I mean it is cute, but without knowing it was an Apple ad, I might have thought it was for a clothing company like United Colors of Benetton or a modeling agency, there is not nearly enough geek in there.a

 Then again, I thought, if I was the creator of this ad, what would I focus on when trying to market an iPod Touch? Music? Camera? Messaging? All that and more are in the iPhone commercials. So then I thought, well maybe the reason this ad is so playful and non tech oriented is because iPod Touch is a device that is at the end of its life. Do we really need a standalone music and media player when we all have smartphones?

Yes, I know it is cheaper, but that is a temporary thing as well. I really see no reason to even own an iPod Touch nowadays, and that lack of any justification of purchasing such a device is the very reason the ad is not in the least bit enticing as far as technology is concerned. So, Apple seems to have gotten this and as a result, decided to go the old fashioned way and put a few good looking people with big white smiles using an iPod Touch in the ad.

“Ignore the fact that there is absolutely no reason to buy this device. If you do, you might look like the people in this video”. Oh, ok, why didn’t you say so, Apple?

One iPod Touch to go please. Cha-ching!

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