Now Update Facebook From Google+

Update Facebook From Google+

You have your Google+ invite and have been enjoying the new features that Google has been making available to you. Adding another social network to your existing Facebook and Twitter accounts, it can be difficult to prioritize your updates amongst your networks.

Some users have manually entered their updates manually across networks, others have employed their own ways to share. However, a new Chrome extension “Google+Facebook” takes the hassle out of updating both your Google+ and Facebook walls by adding your Facebook stream into your Google+ dashboard.

Crossrider, developers of the tool, said that the Chrome extension took just a day to create using the Crossrider Development Framework, a JavaScript framework that helps to create cross browser extensions in minutes. At the time of writing, the app has been installed by more than 10,000 users across Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

The application will request access to your Facebook account using public APIs but will require full access for it to be able to deliver updates and allow you to post to your wall. If you are uncomfortable giving your details to third-parties, this extension might not be for you.All that is needed now is a Twitter extension and you have a large percentage of your social networking accounts covered.

Now Google+ users can easily updates there Facebook without switching.

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