Orkut Will Co-exist With Google+, says Google

Search giant Google came up with their new social network, ‘Google+’ but we do not have to worry about ‘Orkut’, since Orkut will co-exist with Google+ for now.

“Orkut and Google+ are different products, and will both exist. Over time, we’ll determine what makes the most sense in terms of integrating these products,” a Google spokeswoman said, reports PCWorld. However, Google is leaving its options open for integration of two social networks in future.

People had already started to import their friends from other social network like Facebook to Google+ using various tools and techniques, but it’s not clear whether Google will provide a mechanism for Orkut users to import their Friends on Google+ or not.

According to PCWorld, the spokeswoman said “We will continue to invest in the product”. Now, it will be interesting to see, whether Google will operate two social networking sites in parallel in the long term or not.

Orkut is one of the most popular social networking site in the world and most of its users are in India and Brazil. Orkut was launched in 2004. But it has failed to compete with other social networks such as Myspace and Facebook.

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