Pakistani Engineer Develops A Technology to run vehicles on water instead of fuels

Islamabad: A Pakistani engineer has successfully developed a unique technology that uses water as fuel in vehicles instead of petrol or CNG, a feat that was once considered a far-fetched dream.

Waqar Ahmad drove his car using water as fuel yesterday during a demonstration for Pakistani parliamentarians, scientists and students.

engineer waqar aagha

Waqar claimed a 1000 CC car can cover a distance of 40 kilometres on just one litre of water.

He said a motorbike can run up to 150 kilometres in one litre of water using this technology.

Ahmad said cars could be driven by a system fueled by water instead of petrol or CNG, ‘Dawn News’ reported.

The onlookers were taken aback when they saw the dream car and a cabinet sub-committee lauded Ahmad’s ‘Water Fuel Kit Project’.

Religious Affairs Minister Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah, who heads the panel, said the engineer would have their full support, calling the technology as “this years’s Independence Day gift to the nation”.

The water fueling system is a technology in which ‘hydrogen bonding’ with distilled water produces hydrogen gas to run the car.

Ahmad had earlier told Shah about the unique project and it was taken to the federal cabinet which asked its sub-committee to discuss it.

During the demonstration, Shah himself drove the car. The minister said that Ahmad would be given complete security and the formula would be kept secure.

The minister said all required tests and experiments would be completed in two weeks and all stakeholders were involved in discussions on the project.

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh value the project, he said.

“We own this project and are committed to successfully completing it,” he was quoted as saying.


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