Perfect way to grow your Facebook business page likes for free

Many brands and business have Facebook pages in Facebook but its hard to get real and targeted audience for many business. But today i will reveal the best and perfect way to get more likes on your Facebook page without spending any money. This will tremendously grow your Facebook likes which will be real and targeted because they had liked your fb post already.


When you post something on your business page , many people will like your post but not the page . But you can invite them by the invite button for face book  pages which was recently launched by Facebook. Invitation will be under your business page name nit under your personal FB account.

Check the screenshot below if you are confused :

Step 1 : click on number this will show how many people like your post 

how to grow fb page likes


Step 2 : You will see invite button  click button to invite people to like your facebook page.


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