Play Angry Birds Offline On Your PC


Hey, Guys if you too an Angry Bird lover then there is good news for you as now you don’t need to be online or have an internet connection to enjoy the game. This Angry bird version of the game can now be played on your desktop even if you are offline.

This is made possible by Chrome, you just need to install chrome on your system and then move on to the website

This will offer you the interface where you can play the game online as well as offline. It’s a flash based game so you need to make sure that the latest version of the flash is installed on your browser. If you want to play the games online then you just need to wait for the game to load and then you can start playing the game straight away on the browser.

Play Angry Birds Off line – If you want to play the game angry birds offline in that case you need to follow certain steps and install angry birds to the browser which will enable you to play the game even if you are offline.




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