Q&A App Formspring Hits 25 Million Users

Startup Formspring has just hit a huge milestone. The Q&A app now has 25 million users, and they’re asking questions and posting responses at breakneck rates.

In a chat at the startup’s San Francisco headquarters, we discussed a few items on Formspring’s roadmap. As we speculated earlier this spring, mobile apps are in the works, as are more and better options for organizations and brands. From causes to celebrities, Formspring is definitely building new features with pro users in mind.

One early example is the service’s new celeb features, which we wrote about earlier this month.

Another feature that the Formspring team says has been instrumental in its growth is the ability to ask a single question of all your followers at once and then see all the responses in a single interface. This massively multiplayer feature has allowed for more active and engaged users across the site.

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