Rainbow Niagara Falls Photo Goes Viral on Twitter

niagarafallsWhen the clock struck midnight in New York State on Sunday morning, same-sex marriage was suddenly legal in the state. What better place to tie the knot than Niagara Falls, especially when it’s lit up like a rainbow?

As gay couples began their midnight nuptials at the traditional honeymoon spot, they were surprised by the sudden colorful backdrop of Niagara Falls sporting the rainbow hues that have served as a rallying banner for LGBT activists fighting for their civil rights.

Pop singer/actor and former ‘N Sync-er Lance Bass tweeted this photo of the Falls (update: turns out he didn’t create this pic — it was taken a while ago by Flickr user Mykelle Nicole, and now it’s being passed around as a symbol of the official beginning of gay marriage in NY), and posted it to TwitPic as the crowd celebrated the auspicious occasion. Now the photo’s gone viral, with more than 31,000 views so far. Exclaimed Bass in a Twitter post just after midnight, “Niagra Falls right now! So amazing!”

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