Rajesh Khanna Bollywood Veteran Superstar dies at 69

New Delhi: Bollywood’s first superstar Rajesh Khan breathed his last on July 18, he was 69. He is survived by his estranged wife Dimpla Kapadia and two daughters Twinkle and Rinke. Film actor Akshay Kumar was his son-in-law.

Born on December 29, 1942, as Jatin Khanna, the actor was raised by the relatives of his biological parents. He attended St. Sebestian’s Goan High School along with his childhood friend Ravi Kapoor, who later adopted the screen name Jeetendra. Always high on confidence, Rajesh Khanna was the other name for style; he even struggled in his own MG sports car.

Destined to be an actor, Rajesh Khanna had won several acting competitions at various levels before debuting in ‘Aakhri Khat’ (1966). What else could a first timer wish for other than a director like Chetan Anand. However, his real break was Ravindra Dave’s ‘Raaz’ (1967). After a string of successful films such as ‘Baharon Ke Sapne’, ‘Aradhana’, ‘Ittefaq’, and ‘Do Raaste’, he marched into the hearts of millions of his fans, who credited Khanna with the title of superstar. Delivering 15 consecutive solo hits seemed easy every time his face appeared on the posters of a new film.

Bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna dies at 69

Dev Anand’s era was gone and the nation had started digressing from Nehruvian philosophies. Khanna and his contemporary filmmakers realised the importance of providing an alternating reality to the spectators.

The storytellers emphasised on his flawed characters on the screen. It brought him closer to the general audiences who wanted to step ahead of Dev Anand and Guru Dutt’s preaching.

He became the man who loved till death, and who was brave enough to admit his mistakes, unlike his predecessors who knew what emotion they want to evoke right from the first shot.

He didn’t have Greek god’s features, neither he fought with hundreds of goons, in fact he looked vulnerable, but it was this susceptibility which made him endear to his female fans.

Thanks to composers such as SD Burman, Salil Chaudhary and Laxmikant-Pyarelal, an actor became the epitome of romance. He bent his head to peep into the hearts of college going, cycle riding girls.

The second phase of his acting career began with ‘Anand’. Probably his most memorable role till date, ‘Anand’ showed how one can play a character without wearing the superstar tag. ‘Dushman’, ‘Amar Prem’, ‘Bawarchi’, ‘Daag’, ‘Avishkar’, ‘Namak Haram’ and ‘Aap Ki Kasam’, the cordial relation with the audiences went on till the social set up changed its course in 1975.

Rajesh Khanna’s personal life was not as glittering as his screen avatars. His relationship with Anju Mahendru finished at a sad note, while his marriage with Dimple Kapadia was called off after 11 years in 1984.

Later, Dimple only became his closest partner in life.Khanna’s stint with the small screen through serials like ‘Apne Paraye’ and ‘Ittefaq’ can be considered successful.

A try at politics made him an MP from Delhi. Today, he might not be with his fans (ironically he did a TV commercial saying he will remain with his fans forever), but the lovers of every age group will look up to his films for inspiration and never losing the hope.

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