Rumors: Is This The New iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S?

iphone-5-iphoneWith the rumor mill heating up about the iPhone 5 becoming available in September, now we’re beginning to see alleged images of the new phone, along with clear shots of what’s being called a cheaper iPhone 4S.

That grainy shot of someone clutching an “iPhone 5″ while riding on a train was given to 9 to 5 by a tipster who observed a man holding the unusual phone in public.

Said the tipster to 9-to-5 Mac, the person holding the phone “was likely an Apple employee hunched over the device on the way home from work in San Francisco earlier this week.” The tipster said he got a good look at the device but added that the pictures he snapped “didn’t do it justice.” He said when he saw pictures of those two alleged iPhone 5 cases we showed you yesterday, he knew he had seen the new iPhone.

At this stage in the iPhone 4′s product cycle in May of last year, Apple placed its new phones inside cases that concealed their true shape. So even if this is the next iPhone in this picture, it might not indicate the precise appearance of the final version.

Our next possibility is shown in a couple of clearer shots of what Vietnamese website says is the new iPhone 4S. The site claims this is a lower-cost model of the iPhone 4. As the story goes, this phone will be released along with the flagship iPhone in September.iphone

This white “iPhone 4S” looks a lot like the current iPhone 4, but the rumored cheaper model won’t have the current iPhone’s glass front and back. Rather, it will allegedly have a plastic back that will make the phone significantly lighter than the current iPhone 4.

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