Samsung Galaxy S3 launch Flipboard for Android

Flipboard-for-Android-widgetAndroid smartphone and tablet owners with iOS envy can look forward to one of the finest ever apps to grace the App Store, finally making the jump to Google Play this summer.

Flipboard, the digital magazine that beautifully aggregates content from all of your favorite web sources and social networking feeds, is coming to Android, after it was showcased during the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch in London on Thursday evening.

The app, which won T3’s illustrious App of the Year Award at the 2011 T3 Gadget Awards was briefly shown on the Galaxy S3 during the presentation at Earls Court.

Flipboard confirmed the impending launch with a tweet: “Previewed on Samsung S III today, Flipboard is coming to Android phones soon.”

The company also directed users to a holding page where eager Android fans can sign-up to be notified when the app becomes available. Flipboard’s creators added that the app, which made its name on the iPad before graduating to the iPhone last year, will arrive later “this summer.”

Flipboard is the latest in a long-line of legendary iOS apps to bide their time before launching on Android. The most recent, of course, is Instagram, which saw a phenomenal take up when it crossed-over, just before the Facebook buy-out.

Via: T3

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