Samsung Galaxy S3 sparked into flames (Photo)

This Samsung Galaxy S III apparently malfunctioned while in an in-car holster, causing some substantial melting and burn marks across the lower half of the device.

One Galaxy S III unit reportedly malfunctioned while in an in-car holster, which resulted in the device being damaged, most probably permanently.

The user who witnessed this says that some of the phone’s internals melted, and that they caused burns over the lower part of the device.

It was a global HSPA+ flavor of Galaxy S III, which reportedly sparked into flames, and went down with a bang.

While the phone’s screen continued working, the user claims that there was no reception, and that the device itself suffered a lot of damage along the base.

Clearly, this is not the first time that we learn of exploding handsets, though it does come as a surprise that it happened to Samsung’s latest flagship, and that it occurred so soon after its official release.

Apparently, Samsung was already made aware of the issue, and it is currently investigating to learn what caused the unfortunate accident.

Samsung Galaxy S III burn photo

Samsung Galaxy S3 burn image

Samsung Galaxy S3 burn screen shoot

Samsung Galaxy S III burn pictures


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