Samsung NX1000 :Review

The Samsung NX1000

The Samsung NX1000 makes up one third of the brand’s recently announced NX series of compact system cameras (CSCs). Announced alongside the Samsung NX20 and NX210, the NX1000 also happens to be the lightest CSC to hit the market so far and also sports Wi-Fi connectivity – a first for CSCs sector. The NX1000 is set to take on the likes of the Olympus E-PM1, the Sony NEX-7 and the Nikon J1.

Weighing in at just 359g, the NX1000 sports a slick design that feels extremely light to hold even with the lens attached. The new pint-sized snapper will be available in a black, white and – wait for it – pink, should you be so inclined.


The controls are fairly standard, with a recessed dial that fits flush to the body of the camera, rather than sticking out, which is good news as it means the dial should stay put on your chosen setting, even it’s being knocked around in your bag.

There’s also a dedicated button for the Wi-Fi capability so that you can upload your images as easily as possible without having to navigate your way through a series of menus.

The button can be cusomised to offer whichever Wi-Fi-related function you choose, whether that’s uploading your images directly to the cloud storage (25GB, thanks to Microsoft SkyDrive), or sending the images to your phone.

You can also download the free Remote Viewfinder app from Google Play which enables you to control various camera functions using the touchscreen on your smartphone – whether that’s an Android-flavoured handset or an iPhone 4S.

Unfortunately the early preview models that we saw weren’t set up for Wi-Fi but we’ll be giving the wirless skills a thorough run-through in our full review.


The 3-inch screen features a 921k-dot VGA resolution (640X480 pixels), and while the new NX20 and NX210 both feature AMOLED technology, the NX1000’s screen is LCD. While that might mean that it doesn’t perform quite as well in bright sunshine, it looked perfectly sharp in the meeting room where we had our sneak preview.

Picture quality:

The NX1000 sports a 20.3 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, which should allow for snaps that can be extensively cropped and zoomed without any loss of definition. The camera also sports a fairly impressive burst rate of 8fps for continuous shooting, and there’s also a speedy 100ms auto focus on board.

The camera is supplied with a 20-50mm lens which has been updated and designed to offer less noise and therefore better picture quality. We took a few test snaps at the demo, all of which were extremely clear on the new LCD screen, but we’ll have to wait until we’ve got a full review model at T3 Towers before we can really make a judgement on the image quality.

You’ll also get a selection of smart filters such as minature, vignettng and selective colour along with a series of so-called ‘magic frames’ including Old Film, Classic TV and Newspaper.

There’s no built-in flash, but the camera is equipped with a hotshoe adaptor and there’s also a external flash supplied in the box.


The camera offers Full HD video capture up to 30fps, which is rapidly becoming the standard for anything but the most basic of snappers.


The Samsung NX1000 is a neat little package, that’s still surprisingly comfortable to hold despite its diminutive proportions. The slick looks and lightweight chassis combined with Wi-Fi capability make it a very attractive option if you’re looking for reasonably priced Compact System Camera.

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