Sean Young arrested at Oscars party for fight

Most of the drama happened off-camera at the 84th Academy Awards and the party that followed, including a surprising arrest of “Blade Runner” actress Sean Young.

Young, who was spotted celebrating with stars at the Governors Ball, was involved in a fight that led to a citizen’s arrest at 9:25pm PST.

Sean Young oscars party clash

Sean Young the day before her arrest.

The Hollywood police station booked her for investigation of misdemeanour battery, though no details are available about the incident or the victim.

According to, Young had an altercation with a security guard. City News Service reports she was released on $20,000 bail at 2:55am PST.

In 2006, Young crashed the Vanity Fair Oscar party and in 2008 she entered rehabilitation for alcohol abuse after she was removed from the Directors Guild of America Awards show.

Young spoke out overnight, demanding an apology from the Academy. She told People magazine that she didn’t have a ticket to the party and that she was taking photos for her Facebook page, but that she was “well-behaved.”

“I was just standing by the little line [outside the Governors Ball. I wasn’t bothering anybody,” she told People.

“They said, ‘No, you have to leave,’ ” said Young. “I started to leave and [the guard] grabbed my arm and he started pulling me. And I turned around and I was pulling my arm away — and I struck him.”


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