Sharing photos in the PinBoard Style

What is Pinterest?

This is a social photo sharing website for users to upload, save, select and manage
images. These are done through the collections called the pin board, and hence the
name Pinterest. The pin boards are arranged in such a nice theme in pins and allow
the users to co-ordinate assort and spot the photos in a neat way.

Why Pinterest is in popular?

This social trend is gaining impulse at a fast rate amongst the public. Many people
at first confuse this site as a virtual bulletin. Actually in Pinterest, the user creates
a profile and makes a number of boards. These boards are again open for links or
pins to post on other boards.

Just like Facebook has a Like button and Google Plus has a +1button, Pinterest
has a Pin It button. And just like the other social networks, the button is added to

websites too.

One can have an account of his own at Pinterest. One thing is that creating
business pages is not allowed. Pinterest makes it very clear that the site is only for
sharing and not sharing. Making people aware of items is allowed here. But one
should be careful if he is outward in advertising some product.

For making up the pin boards, there are several categories provided to choose
from like Sport, Nature and Architecture. Even there is an Other section, which
is suitable for the user if he or she cannot determine in what category their photo

Pinterest is not restricted only to pictures. Users can pin videos as well.

Come and Join Pinterest!

Pinterest is still in developer preview mode and can be used if invitations are sent.
But more and more people are joining up here and connecting with each other
based on their tastes and interests.

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