Shocking: She is Out Of Her Mind for Making this Video!!

Facebookers, be cautious. A message with a video link and a sexy image (thumbnail) might just appear on your Facebook wall that might tempt you to click on the link. The message is a scam and it might be shared and “liked” by your friend who must have fallen for it. The new Facebook scam titled – This girl must be Out of her Mind but also a Genious for making This video with the description – After they took her life away she decided to do genious revenge! is spreading on Facebook like wildfire.

This particular scam first originated in January and then in March this year. Now the scam has made a come back again, and users on Facebook, as always, are tempted by the title and description of the scam by which they would click on the link provided in the scam that automatically “likes” and “shares” it on their Facebook wall.

The scam asks you to confirm your age by clicking “Jaa” twice. There isn’t any “Jaa” to click on, but clicking the “Play Video” button will certainly click-jack and like-jack your Facebook account.

After you have clicked on “Play Video”, it will then redirect you to another page asking you to prove that you are a human by completing a 30 second test.

It would then ask you to complete a survey which promises to display the video thereafter. There is no video after you have completed the survey, so don’t bother wasting your time in completing any surveys.

Like every other scam, this scam too has altered titles/messages. Here are the following alternate messages/titles:

!!!!hey lol check out this girl, i cant believe this video :DD

hey lol check out this girl,she i cant believe this video :DD

This Babe Must Be Out of Her Mind but also a Genious

This girl must be Out of her Mind but also a Genius for making This video!

Clicking such scam messages will automatically like-jack and click-jack your Facebook account without your knowledge. Sometimes, it may lead you to download malicious files into your computer that might enable scammers to access all your credentials including credit card details and email id.

In most cases, after clickjacking and likejacking your Facebook account, you will be directed to a survey page where the scammer promises to show you the video/image after completing the survey. However, there will be no video/image shown after you have completed the survey, since it is all fake

It is recommended that you DO NOT click any links on such scam messages. The best way to deal with this is to ignore it or delete/remove it from your Facebook wall. To remove a post from your Facebook wall, just click on the “X” mark on the top-right corner of the post. You may also want to Mark it as spam, so that your friends and other Facebookers are not affected.

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