Skype has updated its Mac OS X client to support better screen sharing

Skype has updated its Mac OS X client to support screen sharing in group video calls.

The peer-to-peer web calling service added screensharing to the Mac client in 2009, but it has only worked during one-on-one calls. Anyone who has ever tried to use Skype in a conference call to share a presentation or screenshot knows how frustrating this limitation is.

The new feature is part of Skype for Mac 5.2, and is an additional group video calling feature. When Skype launched group video calling for PC in May 2010, it became one of the flagship features for the Skype Premium subscription service. In order to use group video calling, at least one person on the call needs to be a Skype Premium subscriber.





Likewise, the new screen sharing in group calls for Mac OS X will also require at least one person to have a Skype Premium subscription.

Skype has also listened to the feedback from Mac users and has made it easier for users to be on a video call, while still accessing other programs on their computer.

What do you think of the newest Skype for Mac?


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