‘SNL’ Recap: Eli Manning’s Saturday Night Live

Eli Manning’s hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” paralleled his usual performance as Giants QB – a clean showing, solid highlights, no major fumbles.

Rihanna Performs 'Where Have You Been' On 'Saturday Night Live'

'Saturday Night Live' 5 May 2012

He even got in a dig on big brother Peyton, who struck SNL gold when he hosted in 2007.
Best: Helga Lately
A totally absurd Swedish twist on Chelsea Lately, with newcomer Kate McKinnon clearly having a ball as the vodka-swilling, sexually provocative talk-show host. Yeah, Manning’s segment was as unconvincting as his blonde wig, but that “coming up next” promo for Toop Chef (with a certain classic Muppet) and Helga’s insane martini-stirrer pushed this one into the ‘win’ column.

Best: Murder Trial
I could easily have put Bill Hader’s latest Herb Welch sketch (live from Occupy Wall Street) or the excellent cold open of Fox & Friends (those fact-checking disclaimers at the end — especially “Seeing eye dogs are neither able to nor allowed to drive” — were definitely DVR-pause worthy), but I thought it was only right to point out Manning’s best moment. Playing a murder suspect whose hapless booty-calling serves as his alibi, Manning scored a couple of comedic touchdowns with his emoticon faces and a flawless, self-deprecating punch line (“The banana is larger.”).

Worst: Miss Drag World
I’m sure SNL‘s writers figured if Manning was game enough to don a dress and heels, they had no choice but to make it happen. But why do a random local drag contest — with punch lines plucked straight from 1987 — when the very recent RuPaul’s Drag Race season finale was ripe for parody?

Worst: The Dictator Advertisement on Weekend Update
If SNL was going to let Sacha Baron Cohen hijack the show for five minutes as an extended advertisement for his tepid-looking new comedy, the least they could’ve done was insist the dude actually bring some real laughs. And honestly, I could’ve died a happy man without ever having heard a joke about popping out one of Roger Ebert’s testicles “like an edamame.”

Rihanna made her third appearance on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, giving a memorable performance. Her set included “Cake,” and “Where Have You Been,” the video for which rolled out last week.

Rihanna: Talk That Talk on “Saturday Night Live”

Rihanna: Where Have You Been on “Saturday Night Live”

Watch the entire episode “SNL” with Eli Manning and musical guest Rihanna

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