Social Media: Top 5 experts tips for writing killer blog

Writing a great blog post is a challenge for any blogger. It is a continuous endeavor for excellence that every blogger needs to strive for, so as to come up with a great read. Below are listed five tips that will help you come up with a killer blog. Follow the same and you are sure to emerge amongst the top league.

1.) Capture the ideas

Thoughts can creep in at any time and place. You might be travelling, browsing the net or chatting with your friends. As a blogger, you need to capitulate on these ideas and use these at an appropriate platform while writing a blog post. Using bookmarking apps as Instapaper and Evernote and social bookmarking apps as Pinterest is the right strategy. Most of these apps come with plugins that stay on the browser and make noting the facts easier.

When on the move, you can use the mobile version of these apps for jotting down the ideas.

2.) Brainstorming on the ideas

As you get hold of all the ideas, it is time to sit and pick the appropriate once. All of these cannot be used in the blog posts. Brainstorm and think on the relevance of the idea, so as to make it fit in a particular scenario. Work on the basics of the idea and see to it that it holds the interest of the reader.

An effective way of doing so is to engage with other like minded bloggers. Catch up with them during various events or online through Twitter chats, Skype and various other social networking options.

Follow the leaders in your niche and learn from them. Using Google Reader, Twitter Lists and Facebook Lists will work to your advantage as these give you an platform to catch up with the developments in your niche area.

3.) Use the Editorial Calendar

As you come to the conclusion on the number of posts, you wish to write, it is time to use the Editorial Calendar. Using the Editorial Calender helps one to streamline the ideas and write a focused post.

The better option will be to maintain at least over ten items in the Editorial Calender and note down the keywords. This will help greatly while you are writing the post as ideas can flow in freely.

4.) Great heading does the trick

Half your work will be done, in case you are able to come up with a catchy heading. The trick is to convey the intent of the blog and that too in minimum words. Come up with a catchy title and readers are sure to take a note of your blog post.

Cultivate the habit of writing something on a daily basis. It helps as your writing skills get sharpened and you are able to come up with innovative titles with minimum efforts.

5.) Use social media to your advantage

Attracting the reader’s attention is a vital part of being in the top slot. Use social media to your advantage and have a comment plug in for the readers to connect with you. Invite guest bloggers to connect with you to write engaging guest posts.

Follow the above listed tips and you are sure to come up with great content that will have readers from across the spectrum.

About The Author: Brianne is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes in Jeffrey Epstein. Check here for more onĀ Jeffrey Epstein

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