The Avengers:Film Review

Hulk-The-Avengers-movie-imageSo here we are, the flagship film property Marvel Studio’s have been heading towards for the last four years. It’s had it’s fair share of excitement, anticipation and even anxiety along the way, but finally The Avengers have assembled. As both a fan of the individual films and of course the original source material, a team up movie of this scale was always going to provide doubts in my mind. These doubts were fanned even further with my recent disappointment in Joss Whedon’s other project big, The Cabin In The Woods. But whatever worries I had about The Avengers pretty much disappeared within the opening scene.

avengersWe might not technically be in the summer season yet but this movie really has set the bar high for any other would be summer blockbusters. It’s so incredibly well balanced and paced, especially for a film that has so much content and so much ground work ahead of it. Speaking of which before I get ahead of myself, perhaps a brief outline is required. The film takes place after the events of Marvels last outing, Thor and open’s with the Asgardian god’s half brother Loki descending upon Earth. He has come to claim a source of unlimited energy, which in the wrong hands could unleash hell on earth. To prevent this from happening Nick Fury and his fellow S.H.I.E.L.D members engage The Avengers initiative. Bringing together Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, The Black Widow, Thor and Dr Bruce Banner to fight as one, is Earth’s only chance of survival.

Obviously there is a certain amount of set up to be done before the fireworks go off in downtown Manhattan, but that is actually half the fun. It allows all characters to get a decent amount of screen time and exchange plenty of witty, wise cracking dialogue in between. This is also broken up by a few well composed action sequences too, keeping momentum moving steadily throughout. As the members begin to find their way towards working as a whole, they go through a channel of in fighting, trust issues and in the case of Tony Stark showboating and quick witted quips. Whedon’s dialogue and humour has always been hit and miss with me in the past, but his particular style fits Tony Stark like the metal suit he wields so well. Ultimately whats great about The Avengers is that there isn’t really a weak link amongst the team. Those characters who have already been formed with strength and sharpness are just as solid as before. Where as characters like Hawkeye and Black Widow who came into this movie without much presence, gained more definition and depth throughout the film. Of course I cant forget to mention Bruce Banner/The Hulk, this is easily the best big screen adaption of the green behemoth to date. Mark Ruffallo does a great job of portraying the mild mannered scientist and the effects team have created the best looking Hulk I’ve seen.

The film looks great, it’s filled with humour and snappy dialogue and every character comes off well, but what about the action? Good question, I can honestly say The Avenger’s is one of the biggest, boldest action epic’s I’ve seen. The set pieces just keep getting bigger, with the on screen damage and destruction increasing in size over time. If you thought this aspect of the movie looks good in trailers, just wait until you see it firing on all cylinders.

In short The Avengers is a super sized chunk of fun, it’s a well balanced blockbuster with plenty of entertainment from start to finish. Joss Whedon and everyone else involved had one giant task ahead of them with this film, but rather than buckling under pressure they’ve strutted with confidence across the finish line.


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