The Life and Time of Steve Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Steve Jobs packed a lot of living into his 56 years. If his career had ended 30 years ago, he still would have made history for helping popularize the personal computer. But he did so much more than that.

As we all know, Jobs defied F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous quote, “There are no second acts in American lives.” Jobs’s final years at Apple were as notable as his early ones. Even his 11-year hiatus from the company should provide inspiration for businesspeople who think their careers are over.

Here is an amazing infographic created by Infographic World. This comprehensive infographic is dedicated to the legendary, the genius, visionary, and the innovative ‘Steve Jobs’, co-founder and former CEO of Apple who passed away on Oct 5th at the age of 56. This infographic states entire timeline of Steve Jobs life which includes a brief story of his life, his work, his achievements and all the magical creations by Steve!

Infographic of Steve Jobs

The below infographic, from Infographic World, lays out Jobs’s life and accomplishments.
Life and Times of Steve Jobs - Infographic World
Created by: Infographic World

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