The Most Expensive Cigarette Pack Of The World

Smoking, despite the obvious health concerns attributed to it, is really about celebrating something. It’s a celebration of your minor victories in life, your middle finger up the world, your “I don’t give a damn” winning shot, the F word to the universe.

It’s cool, crisp menthol fills your lungs, sooths and bruises it, the quick, cheap and no frills treat for your triumphs. But not all angsty sticks, stick to less than five dollars. There’s one cigarette pack so expensive that if it’s the only brand in the world left, it’s either you find yourself in debt or you quit smoking altogether. Check out the world’s most expensive cigarette pack.

Take the world’s most expensive cigarette pack the Lucky Strike 18-carat white gold pack that was displayed on major airports back in 2006. Designed mainly as a promotional gimmick, the limited-edition pack is studded with a single large ruby and diamond. The $100,000 cigarette pack was still labeled with “Smoking Kills” although the staggering price tag itself could have been a life-ender. A hundred gran for a pack of smokes can give someone a heart attack. But if you’re a big spender, and you love expensive wine, cars and gadgets, then this should be a piece of cake for you. It’s a cigarette pack you certainly wouldn’t want to crumple inside your pockets.

Other expensive cigarette packs don’t even come close. The Chancellor Company’s Treasure Cigarettes come at $39 for a pack of 20s. The reason behind the price? These smokes are packed in aluminum cigarette cases and the sticks themselves have distinctive silver or gold tips. For $15 a pack, you can also get a hand on Davidoff Classic Cigarettes which uses only the highest-grade tobacco leaves and finer-grained cigarette papers. in 2009 however, Davidoff released a diamond edition pack which reportedly cost $21,500, a contender for the world’s most expensive cigarette pack. Or, you can sample the $14 a pack Fantasia Cigarettes by Nat Sherman, with it’s classic gold filter tip with a charcoal filter that comes in five colors.

And what better way to smoke away your endless money than with the most expensive lighter in the world. Made by a French luxury company, S.T. Dupont, the Ligne 2 Champagne Lighter is made of 18-karat white gold and adorned with 462 diamonds for a total of 5.2 carats. Price? $79,000. It’s the perfect complement to your diamond-studded Lucky Strikes, that’s for sure.

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