The Reasons Kim & Kris Are Getting Divorced?

Now that we’re a day out from the stunning — stunning! — announcement that Kim Kardashian will be divorcing Kris Humphries, we can turn our focus from OMG to WTF! Or, for the faint of heart, what happened?

Theories are abound; some say they didn’t really know each other well, others blame it on wandering eyes, and there are some who just think it was a case of logistics. It’s hard to truly know what was going on behind the scenes — and we really mean scenes, since it was pretty much all filmed — but thanks to NMA, at least we can get an idea from an animated reenactment.

Yup, the trusty Taiwanese animation crew have weighed in with their version of the events, running through the theories with typical computer-generated charm.


via :huffingtonpost

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