Are your children really safe while surfing the Internet and Social Media?

Online activities are an integral part of your children’s lives and they probably spend many of their waking hours surfing the net. Your children use the Internet to study, browse for information, socialize, or play games. These are all constructive activities and there is no doubt that your children can derive tremendous benefits from the Internet.

Tips for safe internet use

But that same wonderful environment can very easily become unhealthy and unsafe and even threatening for your children. The increasingly popular social networking sites, instant messaging programs, and chat rooms are just a few potentially dangerous applications that your children probably use regularly. These and others are often misused by sexual predators and cyber bullies who are lurking around the corner, just a few clicks away.

According to a survey of Harris Interactive, they have found that children spend approximately 40 hours a month on the Internet. They also discovered that more than 60% of parents believe that their children are learning valuable skills online and that they aren´t wasting time there. Nevertheless one third of polled children say they would definitely change their behaviour, if they knew that their parents were watching or taking control of the Internet content.

A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety:

What Are Signs That Your Child Might Be At Risk On-line?

What Should You Do If You Suspect Your Child Is Communicating With A Sexual Predator Online?

What Can You Do To Minimize The Chances Of An On-line Exploiter Victimizing Your Child?

For details read Federal Bureau of Investigation Cyber Division very useful Report here

Youtube Short Film describe the situation:

A boy who finds a girl online, decided to meet her in an internet center…..

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