Tools to Download All Images from Tumblr Blogs

Tumblr is a popular microblogging platform used by many photo bloggers, and in general Tumblr blogs contain many amazing images.

With the help of these portable tools you are able to backup your Tumblr pictures to your hard drive, or download pictures posted on the other Tumblr blogs.

Download Tumblr Pictures

DownloadTumblr is a free, portable and open source tool that allows you to download as many images you want from Tumblr blogs.

Simply enter the name of the Tumblr blog and the number of pages you want the program to parse, and then click on the “Scan for pics” button. The program will list the URL of all images found, and on your action download them to the directory of your choice.

The only drawback is that you can’t preview the images before downloading.


Gettumblrpic is another free, portable and open source program that looks similar to DownloadTumblr.

Gettumblrpic too lets you enter the name of the Tumblr blog and the number of pages to scan. However, instead of actually downloading the images it only returns the URL of the images found.

It’s your job to download them whatever way you prefer. The links are automatically saved to a text file within the program directory.


tumblr-downloader is yet another free, portable and open source program for downloading images from Tumblr blogs.

This program lets you specify and download images from multiple Tumblr blogs at once. Within the program directory is a text file called accounts.txt.

Edit this file and enter the names of the Tumblr blogs you want to download images from. Then double click on tubmlr.jar to start downloading the images. Unliked the rest of the lot, tumblr-downloader will download images from only the first page of the Tumblr blogs.


Keep in mind, that in all these three programs you have to enter only the name of the Tumblr blog and not the complete URL.

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