Top 10 sites to exchange that unwanted gift card

Did you receive some gift cards that you would like to turn into cash?  Well, today, 12/26, is Gift Card Exchange Day.  Gift Card Exchange Day is an annual one-day event where gift card recipients can receive the most cash for their unwanted gift cards. Gift Card Exchange Day services are designed to provide consumers with instant access to bids from resellers eager to stock up on gift cards after the holidays.

Here are the top 10 sites to visit to exchange that unwanted gift card for something you could really use.

how to exchange gift card

Gift card exchange

1. Cardpool – Sell gift cards for up to 92 percent cash back and free shipping on all transactions.

2. Plastic Jungle – As seen on “Good Morning America,” NBC and FOX Business and in Oprah Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

3. Gift Card Rescue – Get up to 90 percent cash back when you sell yours today.

4. Monster Gift Card – Sell your cards for cash, and spend some time with the Web site’s adorable little monster mascot.

5. – Exchange your gift card for cash today with over 1,000 agents nationwide.

6.  ABC Gift Cards – Buy, sell, or exchange your gift card with another on this site.

7. Gift Card Swapping – Some featured gift card merchants at this site are iTunes, Macy’s, Chilis, Starbucks and Kohl’s.

8. – that sell, exchange and allow customers to buy discounted gift cards – then again, consumers have the re-gifting option.

9. – The mission of this site is to reduce the staggering amount of unused gift cards by facilitating the exchange of cards for cash.
10. CardHub.comhas a gift card exchange feature that aggregates card deals from various sites.

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