Top 5 Android Full App Source Code For Developers

Top 5 Android Full App Source Code For Sale  which includes news app,live radio app,recipe app ,games app and more..:

1) Android Live Radio App with source code and Admob : (Demo | Download )

Are you an online streaming radio station owner? Do you want to build an Android App for your listener? Then this code is for you.

“Android Live Radio” is a native android live streaming app. It is a simple yet powerful solution for creating Android app for your online radio stream in no time. Just add your station name, stream url and station image; then build with Eclipse & submit to Google Play store.

That’s it, no extra code is required.

2) Recipes Android App Source Code with Admob Integration : (DEMO | DOWNLOAD )

Recipes App is an application under Android platform which can be used to create application about food recipes. If you are a chef or have hobby in cooking then this app is perfect for you. you can create your own application about any food recipes and monetize or share it to the market. with basic knowledge of Android development and only few customization you can easily build your own recipes application.

3) Android Kids Memory Game Source Code with AdMob : ( DEMO | DOWNLOAD )

Kids Memory Game is an Android game application. This application lets you to create different memory match games with unlimited number of game modes. You can create memory games like fruits memory game, cars memory game, foods memory game, and more.

Memory games are popular in the Android market and drive huge number of downloads. Check the Google Play store.

The application is packed with AdMob template to start making money right away. You can also add other ad networks without any trouble.

4) City Guide Android Application Source Code With Admob : (DEMO | DOWNLOAD)

If you are planning about to develop a Android apps for your City which will acting as a guide for your city. Then , this application is for you. Using this application user will be able to find the restaurant ,hotels, bank etc list of this city.Just, following some guide you can develop this application. Then if you want to submit it on Google Play , you can. Also, you can use it as business purpose using Google Admob or Local Ad.

Key Features : 1.Image Slide show 2.Easily Add AdMob Advertisement 3.Social Fan Page integration with webview 4.Easy to change App Splash Screen, Background, Logo etc 5.Full Native(Java) Android Application and Source Code included 6.Step by Step help guide

5) Android News App Source Code With AdMob Integration : ( Demo | Download)

News App is Native Android Application that is easy to to configure to display your blog news, images and youtube videos. It also can monetize your blog with build in AdMob Ads.

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