Top 5 Best Pinterest WordPress Plugins

Pinterest is best social network to get more traffic to your wordpress blogs. Here is the very best Top 5 Best Pinterest WordPress Plugins list just for you:

1)Pinterest Auto Pin For WordPress :

Did you know that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, Linkedin, and Youtube COMBINED ? – Shareaholic. Pinterest Auto Pin for WordPress allows you to quickly and easily add hover – over pin it buttons to your images on the fly making them instantly pinable to any board on Pinterest!


  • Beautiful jQuery hover effects fade in a Pinterest button over your images making them instantly pinable.
  • On the fly button creation – you do not need to type a single line of code or make a single button!
  • Includes 4 different image hover effects / overlays!
  • Optional alt tag description allows you to use your image alt tags as a preloaded description in the pin up box!
  • Can be applied to any image class on your site!
  • Selective API loading allows you to selectively load the Pinterest API asyncronously.
  • Works with large and small images, images you upload, and images you hot link via a URL !
  • AJAX settings / admin panel!
  • Includes full documentation / usage instructions and examples!


2) Pinterest Pro for WordPress :


  • Full customized support for both “Pin It” and “Follow Me” buttons.
  • Supports all button images / sizes / counter options available!
  • Includes shortcode AND template tag support for both buttons, and all options.
  • Includes tinyMCE toolbar plugin / wizard for easy, code free shortcode generation!
  • Includes two custom widgets that can be used an unlimited number of times to place Pinterest buttons in your sidebars, footers, etc. No code required!
  • Installs in seconds!
  • Includes full documentation and instructions as well as examples on how to use the template tag in your themes.


3) Pinterest Marklet for WordPress :


  • Allow users to pin any image, and any YouTube and Vimeo video on the page with one click!
  • Gorgeous custom Pinterest buttons come in 6 styles – 3 different sizes and 2 color schemes.
  • Sticks to any corner of your site, scrolls with the user!
  • Onclick support – Turn any element of your page into a marklet!
  • Includes bonus widget – Customizable marklet widget can be placed in any of your themes widget areas! Widget can scroll with the page or stay where it belongs, your choice!
  • Installs in seconds, blazing fast!
  • Includes full documentation and instructions linked right from the admin panel.
  • This marklet is certain to increase the number of Pins on your website ten fold!


4) Pinterest Autoamtic Pin WordPress Plugin:


Pinterest Auotmatic pin plugin will pin images in your post automatically to just install and forget your pinterest account as pinterest automatic will do pinning work for you


  • Pin unlimited num of images: pinterest automatic pin plugin can pin from one image to all images in the post directly to your pinterest account
  • Automatic Image detection : the plugin auto detect images in your post then list them where you can decide which images should be pinned
  • Automatic boards detection: the plugin will auto detect boards in your pinterest account sothat you can chose which board you want to pin images to
  • Automatic link to your post : all pins are directly hyperlinked to your posts so once any pinterest user click on the pin it redirects him to your post on your site
  • spintax enabled:you can use spintax form for pin text like {awesome|cool|nice} and only one word will be chosen randomly with every single pin
  • default pin text and pin board : you can set a default pin text or a default pin board where all pins will be pinned so you don’t need to enter text everytime
  • 100% ajax responsive interface
  • 24/7 top notch support  via email or PM’s


5) Pintools :

This is a utility belt for working with Pinterest, and contains various methods for pinning items from your blog / site onto Pinterest.

Browser Support: IE9 +, WebKit Browsers (Safari, Chrome), Firefox.

What it contains.

  • Image Hover
  • Pin Browser
  • Pin Slider
  • Pinterest Hovercard


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