Top 8 Drupal Module and Plugins For Webmasters

Drupal is one of the most loved CMS platform for web designers. Drupal is more secure then wordpress and joomla CMS. And it also easy to design as well because we can find premium templates, modules and plugins of Drupal to make quality website.

Here is the list of  Top 8 Drupal Module and Plugins For Webmasters:

1)MegaMenu Drupal Module :


The Mega Menu Drupal module enables you to easily create CSS Mega Menus. It relies only on CSS and is based on the awesomeCSS3 Mega Menu item.

You can add as many Mega Menus as you want. Three positions (Down, left and right) are supported. Each menu can be configured on its own.


  • Integrates with the Drupal native Menu system
  • Requires little HTML knowledge to create your menus
  • 2 MegaMenu Themes (Dark and Light)
  • 9 Color variants
  • Help Documentation


2) Drupal Ubercart Australia Post Module:

Drupal Australia Post Shipping Calculator adds automatic postage calculations for Australian Ubercart Drupal users. This plugin uses the new Australia Post json API available here:


  • Domestic (Australia) and International shipping
  • Choose which International countries you will allow postage too
  • Optional “Handling Fee” to change ontop of Australia Post fee
  • Allows customers to get a quick postage quote by simply entering their post code
  • Adds multiple products together and works out the cost of them combined
  • If you have features suggestions please submit a comment!


3) Epic Image Zoom for Drupal Module:

  • add zoom-in functionality to any image
  • super easy to setup – no code editing needed
  • ready out-of-the-box
  • configurable magnification level and magnifier appearance
  • works in all layouts and float setups
  • cross-browser support
  • built-in image preloading
  • 3 positioning functions for problematic/complex layouts


4) Drupal Email Newsletter Module :

This plugin gives your Drupal Website a simple and powerful newsletter system.


5) Creative Feedback Form with Voting System :

reative Feedback form is a new way to interact with site visitors gaining valuable feedback which can be rated by others users of site. Let your visitors give you ideas, proposals and comments on your site.

Even a user without knowledge of programming language will easily setup this form their own!

We have included 4 different color styles, although you can change them to suit your own website.

  • Easy localisation
  • Lightweight inobtrusive script.
  • 4 color sets to fit any design.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Completely configurable in drupal admin interface.
  • Built-in captcha – anti-spam system.
  • Feedback administration interface for managing received feedback messages.
  • E-mail notifications.


6) Palette – 4 in 1 Drupal Theme Color Switcher :

Palette is an amazing Drupal 7 extension you can install on your own themes to make their colors editable and easily change them using a group of Base Color Sets, a Color Picker and a Live Preview.

Item Special Features

  • Drupal 7 Support with just 4 Steps Installation.
  • Compatible with All Popular Drupal Themes: Zen, Fusion, Adaptive, Omega and any other Drupal theme including free themes or even commercial ones.
  • Detailed documentation you can read right now.
  • 4 StarterKits in one package
  • 4 Sample Base Themes with the installed module for you to test.
  • Easy to use color picker for color selection. HEX mode also included (you can copy/paste HEX color values).
  • 3 Live previews (one for each StarterKit except for Palette 1).
  • +30 Base Color Sets to use as start point for creating your owns.
  • CSS3 Transitions for color swap.



7) Youtube Vimeo Palette:

This creates a gallery of Youtube or Vimeo videos that’s easy to manage. It then compiles the gallery and creates a popup for each video when clicked. The images for the gallery pull directly from Youtube and Vimeo so all you need is the video ID and the video platform specified.


8) Facebook Traffic Driver :

This plugin will take your Facebook presence to new heights. Its elegant look and real time stats will make people feel like they are making a difference. We will be making be making updates regularly.





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