Top iPhone Apps

iphone appsThe best thing to have in an iphone isn’t the software, but the software itself. Many applications available for iphone users are free, and this includes programs from heavy –hitters like Google, AOL, and eBay. Majority of applications that are not free cost less than $10. The available application range from space they require from less than ½ MB to 35 MB for the largest, but will use up more memory when they are in use.
Developed by AOL Company, free and has a size of 0.5 MB. The major disappointment of the iphone was the lack of instant messaging thanks to AOL. AOL’s IM application lets you join its chat network plus enables you to sign on with Mac ID or MobileMe. To display your groups and individual contacts, it uses a buddy list. The list will show status messages and user pictures, and you get the familiar alert sounds from AIM. Switching from one dialog to another will look cumbersome at first, but small dots below your chat text will let you articulate between contacts. You can create a favorite contact list, set your status message, and all your conversations saved until you delete them manually. The only drawback it has is that the program doesn’t run in the background.
AOL Radio
It is a free application that stream high quality music in a range of choices from its own CD library, but on the other hand it can use the iphones feature to find actual stations that are near you and broadcast them with much quality.

Bejeweled 2
It is a game probably an enjoyable time waster. The game looks good on the iphone, and you get to choose from action and classic. They provide you with hints, and the same Hyper Cubes and Power Gems appear just like the version on the PC.
eBay Mobile
This application provides a richer cyber auctioneering experience. It will let you search for a particular item, after which it will display photos, bids, scrolling list and the results can be refined by lowest price or best match. You can watch an item or place a bid, which will appear in you’re my eBay tab.
One of our top worries on iphone has always been that you could not use it to read eBooks. eReader is a free download. It has a welcome document that guides you through the interface, but you won’t really need it since it’s very simple. By default text is justified which may be difficult to read. However, you can select your own desired font. If you want to turn pages back and forward, you need to swipe your fingers to the left or right.
Etch A Sketch
It is a version of a classic children’s pastime, of which you can email and save all your creation. It has an option to draw by swiping your finger on the iphones’ screen. It consists of 15 colors and 8 types of pen. Unlike the original version of the game, this will let you undo strokes, rather than erasing the whole at once.


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