How to Use Twitter on Mobile Devices

It is not possible to stick with computers every time, for that very reason twitter mobile service is extremely fascinating. This tutorial is for how to configuring twitter account with mobile devices.

Steps to Activate Mobile Service to use Twitter:

Just follow the steps, given below, in order to configure twitter for mobile devices…

1)      Go to Twitter and sign in with your twitter account.

Twitter Login

2)      Click on “Settings” link, situated at the top of the page.

Twitter Settings

3)      Now click on the “Devices” tab. Enter your mobile number in the correct format as guided in the screenshot below. Tick the checkbox bellow to “SAVE” button but remember it will cost you. Now, press the “SAVE” button.

Twitter Mobile

4)      After that, you may get the message for verification, asking to send the given code to a specific mobile number.

Twitter Varification

5)      SMS the verification code to the number provided by the twitter. Please make sure that you provided mobile number in correct format. Number on which you are going to send the verification code must be resembled with these below…

  • US:  40404
  • Canada: 21212
  • UK, Vodafone subscribers only: 86444
  • Germany: +49 17 6888 50505
  • Sweden: +46 737 494222
  • India: 5566511 (note: this short code is still in beta, so if you can’t use it, try our international number below.)
  • All other countries: +44 762 4801423

Note:  Once verified, international user can only be able to send but not receive updates from twitter.

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