Twitter Now Seeing 200 Million Tweets Per Day

In January 2009, Twitter users were sending two million tweets per day.  A year ago, 65 million. In April of this year, that number was up to 155 million.

Well, put a note in your calendar, because as of June 2011, Twitter is now seeing an incredible 200 million tweets each and every day.

Or, as Twitter puts it, about 8,163 copies of War And Peace.

Here’s your math. War And Peace is a book made up of 1,225 pages of about 500 words per page. The average tweet contains 25 words, which means it would take 20 tweets to fill one page of Leo Tolstoy’s influential tome, and about 24,500 tweets to fill the entire book. So, that means you’d need 8,163 copies of War And Peace to match Twitter’s 200 million tweets. Which, if you’re counting, adds up to about 10 million pages, which would take you 31 years to read.

200 million Tweets per day

(At the very least – Tolstoy’s masterpiece is a beast to finish even the once.)

Or if you want to look at it another way, you could stack those 8,163 books up to a height of about 1,470 feet, which isn’t far off Taiwan’s Taipei 101, the world’s second-tallest building.

Twitter’s put together a nice graphic to illustrate this somewhat bizarre analogy.

They’ve also revealed the top trending topics thus far in 2011 in both world events/news and pop culture.

World events/News

  1. AH1N1 – Swine Flu
  2. Mubarak – former Egyptian President
  3. Easter – Christian holiday
  4. Cairo – capital of Egypt
  5. #prayforjapan – sentiment following the March earthquake and tsunami
  6. Chernobyl – site of nuclear disaster in 1986
  7. Libia/Libya – site of an ongoing civil war
  8. Fukushima – Japanese nuclear power plant
  9. William & Kate – Newly-named Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge
  10. Gadafi – Libyan political leader

Pop culture

  1. Rebecca Black – pop singer
  2. Femme Fatale – newly-released Britney Spears album
  3. Charlie Sheen – actor
  4. #tigerblood – hashtag popularized by Charlie Sheen
  5. Nate Dogg – rapper
  6. Anderson Silva – Brazilian mixed martial artist
  7. Tom & Jerry – famous cartoon
  8. Mumford & Sons – British rock band
  9. Bieber alert – referring to artist Justin Bieber
  10. Queen Gaga – referring to artist Lady Gaga

It’s also worth noting that 200 million tweets per day equates to one billion tweets every five days, over six billion a month and 73 billion in a year.

And that’s assuming things stay as they are! (Source: Twitter blog.)

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