Twitter Releases Video App Called Vine (Sample video)

Twitter on Thursday launched Vine, a service that lets people share video snippets from iPhones or iPod touch devices.
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Twitter launches iPhone video sharing app

Vine, is a standalone iOS app from Twitter that lets users create short, 6-second videos that run on a loop. Users record by holding their thumb against the screen, and stop by releasing. The short clips can then be threaded together and shared on Vine itself, Twitter or even Facebook.

The nicely-designed app can currently be used on an iPhone, and Twitter says apps for other operating systems are on the way (presumably they’ll head over to Android next).

In a blog post, Twitter vice-president of product Michael Sippey said the length limitation of the videos “inspires creativity.” Perhaps, or maybe it will simply inspire a new surge of crazy cat videos.

If you have a Twitter account, you can embed your Vine videos into your tweets immediately after recording. You can pick up the free app in the iTunes Store.

Vine: A new way to share video

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