Tips: Why No One Clicking The Links You’re Tweeting?

how to tweet

You’ve penned the most brilliant blog post you’ve ever written, grabbed the title, shortened the link with and sent it out into the Twitter-verse. And you wait. And wait. And wait. And almost none of those hundreds or thousands of followers you have bothered to click through to read your words of wisdom.

So what went wrong? You’re not selling the link!

This might sound like a sales pitch itself, but you’ve got to sell your tweets if you want to see success.

Think about it: your followers are bombarded with dozens or even hundreds of tweets every few minutes. Their timelines are refreshed every few seconds, and a tweet that once was new is quickly pushed to the bottom and forgotten about. If you don’t want to be one of those long-buried and forgotten tweets, you’ve got to write a tweet that will give your followers no option but to click on that 20-character short link.

On Twitter, you’re competing with other tweets, videos, links, pictures, and, yes, often work. How can you get your followers to not only read your tweet, but also click on the link?

First, the 140-character limit of Twitter is your friend. Keep your tweets short and sweet, and people will be more likely to click them.

Next, be sure you understand your audience. If you are tweeting about marketing, to other marketers, you’ll get the best results if your tweet refers to marketing.

Thirdly, like with blog post titles themselves, you should offer something of value to your followers. If they click on the link, they can expect advice, insight, tips, statistics, tools, and more. You get the idea.

And finally, leave your followers wanting something. Let them know they’ll get something from your link, but only after they click it. Include some mystery in your tweet, and you’ll entice your followers into clicking just to discover what the mystery is all about.

These are simple tips, but just spend a little time trying them out. I bet you’ll see higher engagement rates with your tweeted links if you do.

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