Unlocked iPhone 4S Now Available In Apple’s U.S Online Store



Along with then iPhone 4S launches overseas, Apple’s online store has also began to offer unlocked iPhone 4S for the US customers. The customers who were waiting for the unlocked iPhone 4S can now expect the product to be shipped in 1-2 weeks after they have placed their orders.

The price is set according to the memory of the iPhone with $649 for 16 GB model , $749 for 32 GB model and $849 for 64 GB model. Only GSM networks support the unlocked iPhone 4S such as AT & T in the united states. A micro sim card can be bought when travelling overseas by the owners.

The drawback of the unlocked iPhone 4S is that it will not work on CDMA based networks such as Verizon or Sprint. The unlocked iPhone 4S arrives without a micro-SIM card so a micro-SIM card needs to be inserted in the slot of the iPhone and it can be turned on by pressing and holding the on/off button for a couple of seconds. Then the onscreen instructions should be followed to set up your iPhone.

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