Valentine party card collection :Download them all

gift cardOK. Maybe last week was too early to think about Valentine’s Day, especially if your mind has been on National Signing Day, Mitt Romney, Jim Tressel or winter golf all week. Here are all five of the school-party card sets that The Plain Dealer’s ingenious artist Chris Morris worked up, well in advance, for the benefit of last-minute second-grade partygoers and their parents.

Among these cards you’ll find sea serpents, zombies, lovestruck octopi and the heartiest Godzilla you’ll ever meet: Charm and a little bit of menace for youngsters growing up with Disney. Don’t want to unnerve a sensitive teacher?  You can mix and match.

Sheet 1

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Sheet 2

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Sheet 3

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Sheet 4

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Sheet 5

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Download More card:
In all, there are 30 different illustrations.

You can download and save the Acrobat documents and save them for later or you can print them right now — assuming you have a color printer and Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

With eight days to go, you still have time to pick up a few sheets of heavier paper.

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