Valentine’s Day 2012 Gift Ideas on a Budget

Valentine’s Day 2012For those who may be glad to see the back of the holiday season and all the incredible expense that comes along each December, tremble in the wake of what looks set to be the most expensive Valentine’s Day in US history.

According to the latest reports from key market analysts, Valentine’s Day spending per-head in the US is set to jump once again by 8.5% this year to reach $116.21, adding up to a total national expense of $17.6 billion for the most loved-up day of them all.

However, not everyone quite has the means (nor the desire) to dig as deeply into their pockets as everyone else, therefore spurring a flurry of frugal gift suggestions for all angles to help the more budget conscious Casanovas out there.

One of the very best ideas of all is to keep an eye on key discount sites starting right now, as the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial have the potential to offer excellent meals, trips and gift ideas with massive discounts every day.

Another increasingly popular gift option this year is signing the both of you up for a fun class or course of some description, such as dance classes – which if searched for with enough effort can be found for next to nothing or maybe even free of charge.

Romantic nights in are another great way of appearing endlessly caring and thoughtful without having to break into any banknote of desirable denomination, as it never fails to amaze how far a home cooked dinner, DVD and a few candles can get you.

Last but not least, never rule out the old standard of making or baking something, as not only can this be done for minimal expense, even those without so much as a shred of talent will likely be richly rewarded for their efforts – even if this happens to be in the form of pity/sympathy for a rather pathetic attempt.

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