New Video: “The Sims Social” Producers Show Off Upcoming Facebook Game

Sims-ImageThe Sims Social is on its way to Facebook, and here are the developers and producers who created the game talking about how it works.

An interesting aspect of this Facebook version of the venerable god-game franchise is the fact that it never sleeps, and while you’re away, your friends might be playing the game, resulting in surprises when you return.

The Sims Social developer, EA, is not talking yet about exactly when we might see this life simulator game on Facebook, but at first it was rumored to go live on June 23, according to SimsSocial. That date missed, SimsSocial wrote in a forum that we can expect to see The Sims Social go live on Facebook by the end of August.

Until then, The Sims Social fans will have to settle with the producer interview video seen above, which was released today. If you haven’t seen the official trailer that was rolled out when the game was first announced at E3 in June, here it is:

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