I really wanted to watch “War Horse” when i first discovered it in the Best picture-drama nominations in Golden Globe without knowing it to be Steven Spielberg’s production cum direction work. And now when I have watched it, I find there are many stories to tell revolving around a war. War horse is just a story about an English horse “Joey” and the love he gets from many people during world war I, like English Captain Nicholls, German Soldier Gunther, French girl Emilie, but mainly with English boy “Albert” who trains and names him after he is brought from an auction by his father to plough a field. Though Albert is succesful in ploughing stony field with Joey and plant turnips there, a rainstorm destroys the turnip. Albert’s father has nothing left to pay rent to his landlord without selling Joey. Albert reaches the place where it is already sold to Captain Nicholls but Nicholls promises to take good care of Joey. Thereafter Joey enters into the mad war, and with the death of captain Nicholls, he comes across different people English, German and French, all develop some affection with him.Meanwhile Albert also enters into the war, with the main aim of finding Joey. He, along with his best friend spectacularly reaches German side, where a gas bomb explodes injuring his eye and killing his friend.A German private tries to save Joey along with another horse named Topthorn, which accompanied Joey in the battlefiled, but Topthorn soon succumbs to the exhaustion.

2: Joey Running through the war.
With the German private being arrested, Joey escapes from a following War-tank and runs continuously through the middle of the war and ends up in no-mans land, seriously entangled in Barbed wire. And now here comes the most interesting sequence of the whole movie, when both English and German soldier reached Joey waving a white flag in the middle of the war and jointly rescues Joey from the barbed wire. They try to take Joey, towards their own side, but with flipping of the coin, English soldier wins and take it towards the British side.

Busy with handling injured soldiers, English Sergeant tells to put down heavily injured Joey. But as blindfolded Albert hears about a horse rescued from the war, he reclaims Joey with a whistle that he taught to respond with a run and the exact description of the horse.Though with the end of the war, Albert has to go through an auction with 29 pounds collection from his friends to get Joey. When the auction price reaches 30 pounds, there is a surprise announcement of 100 pounds by French old man, who wants to take Joey for the memory of her grand daughter Emilie. After seeing the affection of Joey towards Albert, he gives Joey to Albert along with his father pennant.

3: Albert teaching Joey

Overwhelmed with the story and the sequences in the movie, I have written here the whole story of the movie, which is adapted from a children novel with the same title and a stage play again with the same name.Movie shows what a impoverished family goes through with the entry of a Colt and the emotions that people develops with such a remarkable creature.

Last year I was so-much fascinated by a horse ride in India that I did it for twice.May be with such fascination for Horse, I have found this movie excellent, and full of emotions that I always want to see in a movie. Superb by technicalities and story line, WAR HORSE will definitely find a good recognition in the history of cinema. And I predict Best picture and Best Cinematography Nomination for this year’s OSCAR.

4: Young French Girl Emilie, holding Topthorn and Joey.
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