What are the things I can do with Java(Programming Language) ?

You Can do many things as a Java Developers or Java Programmer. Java is a very powerful computer programming  language. Java is a very general purpose and famous language, that class-based, object oriented . Like any other programming language, java language has its unique and own structure, syntax rules and all paradigms.

The Java basically is the derivative of C Programming language, that is why its syntax mainly ,much look like as C syntax. Structurally, the Java language was started with packages.  A package is the java language like mechanism. Within java packages include classes, and withing classes include methods, variables, constants and also many other as so on.

Because Java is a object oriented programming language, so you can do many famous and globalized things in a very easy way. You can create classes, methods to reduce the size of your java programs. Here we are discussed somethings which you can do with Java Programming.

Things You Can Do With Java Programming 

  1. Experimenting with the internet of things
  2. Designing the robots in future ( Artificial Intelligence)
  3. Helping Doctors Make Virtual House Calls
  4. Updating large scale applications in Java
  5. Playing Very interesting Games
  6. Working in the Cloud base applications
  7. Becoming a Mad Scientist in Java
  8. Creating Application at schools Level
  9. You Can Explore Things At NASA
  10. You Can Make Small Apps
  11. Doing Java Processes Affinity
  12. Testing Processes Affinity
  13. Do Thread Local Storage
  14. Do User Threads and also as well Doeman Threads
  15. Make Mobile Apps As well
  16. Doing Checked Exception with Java Language only
  17. Methods Overloads differing you can have only in Return Types
  18. Two-Dimension Arrays Techniques as Well
  19. You Can Make a Android Apps But You can do this for a little knowledge of XML
  20. You Can Create a Fancy Architecture
  21. Creating Objects in Java is Cool
  22. You can once write code and Run it Anywhere , any platform
  23. Swing and AWT are okay in Java
  24. It’s SDK is also very Cool
  25. Due To huge libraries in java platform, developments is done very well
  26. Scalibility is also very Cool Feature in Java
  27. Make a PokeMan Style Game
  28. Best Interesting Feature is Serializable
  29. J2ME and development Feature is Cool
  30. Get The Latest Documentation for easy use in java
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