Facebook pays bounties of $40k in first 3 weeks

The bug bounty program launched by Facebook three weeks ago, which pays independent security experts for highlighting security flaws in the platform of the social networking site, has paid out $40,000 in less than a month.

Facebook pays bounties of $40,000 in first 3 weeks
Facebook pays bounties

According to a post published Monday by Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan, researchers in 16 different countries have collected the bounties from “Bug Bounty” program which was announced on last month, offering a minimum of $500 for each verified security problem. The company paid $5,000 for one problem reported and one expert has received $7,000 for reporting six different issues.

Joe Sullivan said that “We know and have relationships with a large number of security experts, but this program has kicked off dialogue with a whole new and ever expanding set of people across the globe in over 16 countries from Turkey to Poland who are passionate about Internet security,”

The program covers bugs found only on the main Facebook website. There are no plans to extend it to third-party apps that work with the website.

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