Who’s Winning: Amazon or Walmart ?

walmart- anazonIf one online retailer could ever challenge big-box retailer Walmart, it would be Amazon.com.

Amazon already surpasses Walmart in areas such as customer service ranking, acquisitions, online presence and — believe it or not — prices.

The biggest area where Walmart is still ahead by leaps and bounds is overall revenue. The retail giant bags more than $408 billion annually, while Amazon takes $34 billion. But Amazon is projected to close that gap by 2024, which is still admittedly a long way off.

And Walmart is still much bigger than Amazon in terms of sheer size and reach. With more than 2 million employees and a customer base of 200 million people each week — that’s one out of ever seven consumers in the market — Walmart is by far the heavyweight in this match-up.

Here’s an infographic from OnlineMBA.com showing the competitors head-to-head.

Where would you rather do your shopping? Do you prefer one outlet over the other, or do you shop at both depending on your needs and circumstances?

Walmart Vs. Amazon
source: Online MBA

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