Why Do People Put Tottoos In Their body

Most of my articles are for either fans of body art or professionals in the business. This one is for the skeptic that just doesn’t understand our love for living art. I even have a good friend who, after telling him of my latest tattoo asked, “Girl, why do you do that to yourself?” My reason is simple. I love art – of all kinds. When I discovered body art I thought it was the most exotic and beautiful medium I had ever seen. I get my tattoos based around things I love: fairies, butterflies, dragons and flowers for the most part. Being one who is actually learning to get into the business of tattooing, my tattoos are special not only for the designs, but also for who put them on me. My intentions are to get tattoos from artists around the world that I admire and respect.

I’m not the only one who has sentimental feelings about my tattoos! Most of us who are true fans of tattoo art put a lot of thought into the art we get. I recently received a letter from one of my fellow guides here at About that was such a prime example of this, I just had to share it with you.

Dawn Marie, our guide to 80’s Music, got the above custom tattoo from Steve C. at Electric Dragonland in Hopkins, Minnesota. Here are her reasons for the design she chose:

The Cross: A symbol of her Catholic faith. She says, “Somehow bearing a cross on my spine seemed appropriate.”
The nine stars: Represent the Nine of Pentacles, which is “the tarot card of fruition and seeking and obtaining goals, being disciplined and relying on yourself”.
The heart: Symbol of love – self-explanatory, but meaningful nonetheless.
Zodiac Symbol: Aries, her astrological sign.
Yours, Yours, Yours: These words inside the ribbon is the title of her favorite Adam Ant song, music from the 80’s, of course!
DMarie: Her nickname.

This tattoo is one that is a collection of significant and meaningful things in Dawn Marie‘s life, and she will always hold them dear. Now, she is able to display this devotion on her skin for all to see. By understanding Dawn’s tattoo, you begin to understand Dawn herself. This one tattoo tells a story about her and her life without any words at all.

This may not have all been apparent at a first glance. Some tattoos have meanings that you will never know by just looking at them. Instead of judging the wearer of such a piece of art, ask them why they chose the design they did. You just might come to respect their reasons and have a new appreciation for the art as a whole.

If you happen to be the collector that just walked into a tattoo shop and picked something off the wall without any thought at all as to what you were doing, Dawn is a good example you should follow. Tattoos are forever, and if you don’t get something close and dear to your heart, you will end up regretting it in the future. Take your time to think about what really inspires you and get your tattoos based on these things. You, also, will gain a new appreciation for the art you wear.

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