Why Many Men Like Big Breast Of The Girls?

Physical characteristics, such as breast size and waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), function as important features used by human males to assess female attractiveness. Males supposedly pay attention to these features because they serve as cues to fecundity and health. Here, we document that women with higher breast-to-underbreast ratio (large breasts) and women with relatively low WHR (narrow waists) have higher fecundity as assessed by precise measurements of daily levels of 17-beta-oestradiol (E2) and progesterone.

Some sociologists scoff at the evolutionary explanations offered above. They theorize that the American male fascination with big breasts is driven by the advertising and media machine.Their explanation goes like this: children are exposed to seductive, sensual sexy advertising featuring busty female models. Children are taught to associate these images with arousal.Fast forward: children are now adults. Marketers use the same types of images to attract their attention – and it works. So TV commercials, billboards and magazine ads perpetuate this big-breasted, sexy iconography. And children see it, too. Thus the cycle perpetuates itself.

Whether or not one agrees with any of these explanations of why men like big breasts, it’s important to realize that the male fascination is real. People perceived as beautiful, on average, are promoted faster at work, where they make more money. They get better service. And they marry more attractive partners.


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