Women want to have sex But Men love to cuddle

women just want to have sex Time to turn those outdated stereotypes on their heads; men want more hugs while women just want to get down to it.

According to researchers from the Kinsey Institute in the US who surveyed over 1,000 couples aged between 40-70, cuddling makes a real difference to how happy men feel.

The survey showed men who often kissed and hugged were three times as contented as men who didn’t get so much cuddle time.

As a relationship progressed, men more frequently reported feeling content in their relationships, while women were more likely to report better sex.

Women who were with a partner for 15 years or more were found to have 20% more sexual satisfaction than they did at the start of their relationship.

The study’s lead author said: “It’s possible that women became more sexually satisfied over time because their expectations change or life changes when their children grow up.”

She added: “We became interested in relationships that endure and how might we begin to understand them.”

“Cuddles were more important to men in predicting the degree of happiness. The really useful message is we should not make presumptions about the genders.”

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