YouTube Improves its Automatic Captions

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youtube logoYouTube wants to be more widely heard by those without the ability to hear.

The video-sharing site announced Tuesday it is beefing up its ability to automatically caption videos in an effort to reach more viewers with hearing disabilities and language differences.

The number of captioned videos on YouTube has tripled since late July, and more than 1.6 million videos with captions have been uploaded to YouTube since the site started caption support in 2006. YouTube said it wants to improve the caption reading experience to comply with a law Obama passed last year that requires captioned TV shows to also have captions online.

The site will have automatic captioning abilities in three languages — English, Japanese and Korean — and non-automatic subtitles are available in 155 languages and dialects. In addition, YouTube users can search specifically for videos with captions. Font, color and size of the caption text can be changed to improve the viewer’s experience.

Lastly, YouTube allows broadcast caption support, so channel owners have the ability to insert a preferred video caption file into the video. This makes it so the captions appear within the video near the person who is speaking, instead of near the bottom. YouTube will now support more common caption file formats including .SCC, .CAP, EBU-STL, and others to make uploading to YouTube easier on channel owners.

Watch the video to learn how to modify your caption options. Tell us what you think of YouTube captioning in the comments below.

Via : Mashable.

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