YouTube launches skippable ads on mobile devices

YouTube will now let people viewing clips on the site by way of their mobile devices skip video ads after 5 seconds, the same way they can when watching clips on a desktop or laptop computer.

In a blog post, Google‘s video service said it’s now launching its most successful ad format, skippable ads called TrueView that it has offered since late 2010, on mobile devices.

Google Skippable Ads

YouTube Skippable Ads

Advertisers only pay if a viewer watches it for 30 seconds or completion, whichever comes first. The operating theory for YouTube is that advertisers will pay more to reach a viewer who has chosen to watch an ad.

Skippable ads are obviously popular among consumers, but publishers that don’t have the massive video inventory of YouTube have hesitated to introduce similar formats for fear of squashing large chunks of their video ad revenue in the short-term.

YouTube says that 65% of pre-roll ads on YouTube now allow viewers to skip them. That penetration coupled with the explosion of content consumption on mobile devices made the ads’ extension a no-brainer, the company said.

Instead, Google is working to get its new YouTube app, which will be able to run ads, approved for the new iOS. When it’s out, no doubt in coming months, we’ll get a much better idea of how YouTube’s skippable ads fare on mobile devices–and a better sense of whether mobile advertising overall will work.

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